About us

Rude Awakening Lingerie and More was established in 2009 and revamped in 2020 and has been constantly growing since its initial startup. Rude Awakening Lingerie and More initially started with the goal to ensure customer satisfaction from every angle. However, after constantly hearing stories from friend's and clients about failed marriages and relationship due to boring bedroom encounters, women going through gray areas in their wardrobes, single women wanting more excitement and so much more, the mission of Rude Wakening Lingerie and more immediately changed. It has become our mission to provide products that fit every individual desire. We have taken part in events, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, etc... all of which were very successful. Our success is defined by the happiness we bring to our customers. Rude Awakening Lingerie and More is more than just a brand, its a lifestyle designed to Awaken, the areas of many people's lives that have been sleep and needed to be Awaken!

Family Owned and operated!